Underworld Necklace Replica Prop For Sale

These pendants have been professionally cast in durable resin and are perfect reproductions of the original prop in my collection (as seen in the picture below!)
They will all be hand finished and weathered to match the finish of my original prop as closely as humanly possible.
There are minor imperfections of course, but those are all copied directly from the original.

The pendant appears in Underworld, Underworld Evolution and Underworld Rise of the Lycans.

This is a limited offer for replicas of the screen used necklace and is strictly limited to 20 pieces only.

Unfortunately I’m unable to cast the chain due to risk of damage to it, but I have sourced links of similar style and size to the original in polished brass and I’m happy to construct and attach each chain to the pendants if you would like one. (see below)

Each one will come with an individually numbered card (xx/20) and maroon velvet pouch. All ready to display!

Without Chain: £65 + postage

With Chain: £68.50 + postage

If you’re interested in this item or have any questions, please Contact Me

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My replica (right) next to the screen used prop (left):